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Mission & Vision

The Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is an affiliated institution of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and is the sole represents the private sector of 57 Member Islamic Countries.


It aims at strengthening closer collaboration in the field of trade, commerce, information technology, insurance/reinsurance, shipping, banking, promotion of investment opportunities and joint ventures in the Member countries.

Its membership is comprised of the National Chambers / Unions / Federations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the member countries.




The Islamic Chamber shall seek to achieve the following ethical, practical and general goals:



Support cooperation among the business sector in the countries of the Organization through diversifying commercial products among themselves in order to achieve economic integration and economic and social development therein.


Development of industrial and agricultural products in the countries of the Islamic world and promotion of the concept of quality and competitiveness through the issuance of certificates of quality relating to the methods of enterprises management and the quality and characteristics of products in accordance with the standards and criteria adopted by the Chamber in accordance with the provisions of these Statute.


Identification of nutritive products that conform to Islamic Shari'ah (halal) and approving them, including the preparation of standards for guidance, standards for issuing certificates of conformity of the nutritive product with the rulings of Islamic Shari'ah (halal) and the trademark distinguishing the certification of halal issued by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, and accrediting the agencies that issue such certificates and licensing the use of the aforementioned trademark, and increasing the volume of inter-state trade of the products bearing the trademark distinguishing the halal certification, and to set up new production lines and integrated abattoirs that conform with Shari'ah in accordance with the standards of the said certificate.


Contributing to the provision of halal food and halal products to the member states of the Organization and in the states where Muslim minorities are located for the use of Muslims and non-Muslims.


Coordination and cooperation with the Organization and its affiliate organizations to achieve Islamic solidarity in order to confront the economic challenges facing the Islamic Ummah.


Removing the barriers that hinder the exchange of goods and services among the Member States, as well as identifying and proposing the measures necessary to increase the volume of trade exchange and economic cooperation among them, in order to reach an Islamic common market.


Contributing to the improvement of the infrastructure in the countries of the Islamic world and participating in its development and operation projects.


Supporting the movement of labor and expertise among Islamic countries, and then focusing on the employment of the qualified.


Development of cooperation in the areas of banking, insurance, reinsurance, investment and navigation and other means of transport among the Islamic countries.


Supporting and development of tourist activities and the facilitation of transport among the Islamic countries.


Contributing to coordinating the positions of the Islamic chambers in international conferences and seminars and reinforcing their participation therein.


Promoting increased production through the optimal use of science and technology.


Providing means for settling commercial and industrial disputes that might arise among Member States or between these countries and the investors therein or among investors where such disputes are referred by the parties to the Chamber according to the rules issued by the Board of Directors for this purpose.


Promoting and financing economic, scientific and administrative research and studies which facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information and technical expertise in trade, industry and agriculture and other economic areas.


Supporting the movement of capital among the members for the establishment of economic projects in the Islamic countries to invest the wealth for the benefit of the peoples of the Islamic Ummah.


Contributing to the promotional activities of the products of the Member States and to opening the markets among Member States and the foreign markets to them.


Raising awareness of Islamic values, and adherence to the positive side of the traditions and trade norms that rely on honesty and honor among the merchants.


Supporting cooperation between the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the international organizations by opening new areas of cooperation in trade, industry and agriculture through the organization of conferences and seminars, taking into account the conservation of natural resources and reducing pollution in the Islamic countries.


Strengthening relations with international organizations such as the United Nations and its specialized agencies, international trade organizations, bodies and unions and chambers similar to the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture to promote private sector's role in the process of socio-economic development.


Promoting the spirit of economic initiative among the Islamic countries, and encouraging and supporting the activities that seek economic cooperation among the Islamic world at the public and private domains.


Providing various services to members of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.


Dissemination of information on modern technologies and administrative and economic methods and systems which are appropriate for the countries of the Islamic world.


Promoting and supporting collaboration among the officials of member institutions.