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Seminars, discussions and agreements on the second day of the ICCIA 27th board of directors meeting.

Iccia News | October 24, 2018
 The Islamic Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)

The second day of the the 27th board of directors meeting in Jakarta included most of the important activities of the event, which started on the 22 of October 2018 and ended on the third day the 24th of October 2018.
The activities of the second day started with a speech by the vice president of the republic of Indonesia Mohammad Kalla, then open discussions were held about the important issues that face the industry, agriculture and commerce in the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
Then a speech was given by the Mr. Mohammad Albanna, Deputy Secretary-General of the islamic chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture. Mr. Albanna emphasised on the problem of chaos and lack of credibility regarding the Halal products markets. He talked about the Halal economy in the countries of the OIC and it can be improved, stressing the existence of conflict of interests and corruption in this area.
Mr. Albanna also mentioned that the Islamic chamber had assigned a research organisation to track the Halal market, where the results showed that 55% of the products that are sold as Halal products are not certified by any official body. They also found more than 400 different organisations that issue Halal certificates in more than 40 countries, which confused a lot of people in where to find a trusted body that certifies these Halal certificates. Albanna also emphasized that the Islamic Chamber is an authorized entity by the OIC in regarding to the Halal economy and the quality in the member countries. He also said how the Islamic chamber is not for profit, and that its main goal is to organise the market and serve the community, where Islamic chamber possess the largest database in the general fields of commerce, industry and agriculture, and that it is an accepted authority by everyone because it represents the whole Muslim communities. It is also not competing with any other companies because it does not cooperate and deal with other companies in the Halal market. In summary those were the reasons why the Islamic chamber is considered the most suitable body to certify Halal products.

Then a speech was given by Ms. Attiya Nawazish Ali, Assistant Secretary-General for Coordination of the ICCIA, then the present of the Indonesian businesswomen association about the women-owned Small and Medium enterprises. After that an open discussion was held about the economic empowerment to businesswomen, and finally the activites was ended by the fourth session, which was about ‘a dynamic concept for the countries of the OIC.

The activities of the ICCIA 27th board of directors meeting on Monday the 22nd of October where the meeting the 60th meeting for the financial committee of the chamber, where the head of the meeting the vice president of the Council of Saudi Chambers Mr. Abdullah Aladeem, where they discussed the financial reports for the general secretariat of the ICCIA for the past year 2017.
Then the board of directors meeting was held, after that meetings were held between Indonesian businessmen and others from participated countries, especially those that work in sectors that were not included in the conference sessions. And lastly a cooperation agreement was signed between the Council of Saudi Chambers and the federation of Indonesian chambers. The day’s activities were concluded with a dinner that was hosted by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry KADIN.