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SAP partners with Awasr to accelerate digital transformation

Times of Oman | September 12, 2017
 The Islamic Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)

Oman’s Internet service provider Awasr is partnering with global information technology solutions giant SAP to launch cloud services that will help realise Oman’s Vision 2020 of digital transformation.

Awasr will provide Omani companies with business solutions running on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud that will help them to adopt real time analytics for faster decision making, according to the agreement.

“Our partnership with SAP will help unlock the power of Internet for economic growth. Oman’s organisations can enhance core business, have more productive employees and better meet customer needs,” Abdul Monem Al Futaisi, CEO of Awasr said.

“This can be in any sector whether it is asset management, finance, and big data for activities like water management, water leakage or electricity management. These unique innovations have not been seen in the market before and we will bring them to companies through his,” he added.

This venture is a part of SAP’s $200 million budget that was ratified for the region, according to Tayfun Topkoc, managing director of SAP UAE and Oman.

“SAP is supporting Oman’s digital transformation through launching cloud services, supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and our programmes for up skilling Omani youth. Overall, SAP continues to invest in Oman as a key market, in hiring talented Omanis to take on digital economy careers,” he said.

He also highlighted that although SAP will be looking at all business verticals, they have several sectors where they will have a major focus.

“We are targeting all segments but we know the critical industries. Firstly, in the government sector there are a lot of transformation coming and we would like to play a role in helping them digitise. Logistics and transportation industry is also extremely important in Oman and we can bring a lot into this space.”

“For example, we can completely change how warehouses operate. Hospitality is also the key focus for us as we are a part of the Expo 2020 and our solutions will help Oman boost the number of people coming to Oman. We started our journey with manufacturing and we would like to continue with it. We have the solutions in a very affordable way. That is the beauty of cloud. You don’t invest a lot of money at the start but instead invest gradually as your project develops,” he added.

Awasr is a pioneering Internet service provider in Oman which started last year and according to Al Futaisi, has grown at an excellent rate.

“We offer one of the best services in the market. Our aim is speed and reliability for our customers and we are doing it well. We have seen a very good market penetration and we are very happy about it,” he said.

Next year, Awasr will be focusing on developing high speed internet driven by fibre optic in areas outside Muscat, he added.

SAP has been a part of developing Omani human resources with their Young Professional Program. The 3-month programme coves a unique enablement plan that includes SAP software functional and technical knowledge and certification, with key focus on SAP’s latest innovations as well as soft skill trainings. Participant graduates from the program as SAP Associate Consultants are offered a job with SAP customers and partners.