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 The Islamic Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)

Study on the Economic Contribution of Copyright Industries in Turkey

Source : World Intellectual Property Organization

Category : Economy‏

Publish Date : June 1, 2014


Industries whose activities are related to the creation, production, and distribution of copyrighted work have
received great attention because of their significant contribution to national economies; in many countries,
these industries are now considered to be one of the major driving forces of economic growth. As a result,
where once only the legal aspect of copyright was considered, its economic aspect has attracted the attention
of policy-makers and economic researchers.
There are several reasons why copyright industries are important for an economy. First of all, many goods
and services are involved in copyright industries. For example, a novel is the work protected by the copyright.
A novelist creates (writes) the novel. But this novel has no economic meaning unless it is published by a
publisher and consumed by consumers. When the book is published the novelist receives an economic benefit
in terms of copyright payment; but the publisher also contributes to the economy by making wage payments,
consuming fixed capital (using printing machines), purchasing paper to print the book, etc. The copyrighted
work (novel) becomes a good (a book) through the printing process (which can be considered a service).
This good must be delivered and sold to the final consumers, which also requires other services (for example
transportation, wholesale, and retailing). This involvement of many goods and services is also true for other
copyrighted work such as songs, motion pictures, TV programs, software, etc. Another important aspect
of copyrighted works is that their creation requires huge intellectual effort and there is a very considerable
economic reward for this effort through copyright payments. Since copyright industries create a distinct
economy, many countries have taken an interest in measuring the size of this economy and have found that
copyright industries made a significant contribution to their national economies.