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Business Opportunities Details

Title Country Sector Type
People%s Republic Of China Shanghai Maritime Bureau Changjiangkou Comprehensive Base Maritime Work Barge Construction Project (design) Public Tender Notice ChinaReal Estate, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Notice On Competitive Negotiation Of Property Management Service Project Of Jinwan District People %s Procuratorate Of Zhuhai City ChinaReal EstateTender
Lease Office Accommodation Measuring 298m2 Assignable Office Space With 10 Undercover Parking Bays In Vryheid For 5 Years South AfricaReal EstateTender
Provision Of Additional Office Space For Water Front Support At Naval Dockyard Vishakhapatnam IndiaReal EstateTender
Work On The Technical Inspection Of Real Estate KazakhstanReal EstateTender
Management And Maintenance Of Properties For A Period Of 3 Years SingaporeReal Estate, ServicesTender
Leased To The Village Office Savings Bank. Pathum Thani ThailandReal EstateTender
Procurement Of Rental Housing Services For Employees To 2017. KazakhstanReal EstateTender
Asset Valuation Firm / Senior Valuation Expert For Preparing Outer Islands For Sustainable Energy Development Project MaldivesReal Estate, Energy, Power and Electrical, ConsultancyTender
Procurement For Public Appraisal Service To Fairness Replacement Value Individual Owned Land In The Village Mojodelik, Gayam Subdistrict, Bojonegoro, Pertamina Ep Cepu Psc IndonesiaReal EstateTender
Provision Of Auctioneering Services KenyaReal EstateTender
Renew The Lease Of Well-being - Sport Ajodanieh Iran Islamic Republic OfReal EstateTender
Provision Of Market Rental Valuation Services SingaporeReal EstateTender
Provision Of Valuation Services For Various Properties Under Ministry Of Culture, Community And Youth. SingaporeReal EstateTender
Providing Rent One-year Commercial Units With An Area Of 130/74 Square Meters. Iran Islamic Republic OfReal EstateTender


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