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Business Opportunities Details

Title Country Sector Type
Supply And Installation Of Caravans Of Prefabricated Buildings Prefab Buildings In The Refinery. JordanIndustry, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Providing Business Creation And Delivery And Maintenance 2 Room Cooling In Medical Science Center. KuwaitIndustry, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Drydocking And Repair Of Cg Cutter BahrainWater and Sanitation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Purchase Etc. Subject Name And Quantity Mouse Automatic Water Supply System JapanWater and Sanitation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Conducting The Annual Irrigation Maintenance And Revamping Works Within Both El Amreyya Irrigation Inspectorate And El Hager Inspection Inspectorate EgyptWater and Sanitation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Construction Of 3-kilometer Asphalt With Its Prestige Buildings AfghanistanInfrastructure and constructionTender
Providing Home Maintenance Services Mechanical And Electrical Infrastructure For Smart Control Center, Department Of Irrigation And Drainage Malaysia. MalaysiaEnergy, Power and Electrical, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Proposal To Change And Refurbishment Cover Drains Existing And Related Works MalaysiaWater and Sanitation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Supply And Implementation And Initial Operation And Maintenance Of The Infrastructure Works For The Systems Receive Fuel Station Shuwaikh Development. KuwaitIndustry, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Establishment Of Crude Oil Pipelines And Related Works In Southern And Eastern Region Of Kuwait Flow Lines. KuwaitOil and Gas, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Works Pavement Runway, Taxiway, Apron, Turning Area And Marking Fillet IndonesiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Housing Development Office / Home Lecturer IndonesiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Lining In Front Of Sohar Refinery Improvement Project Discharge Pit In Soil And Water Research Centre OmanOil and Gas, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Construction Work On The Rr 202 Crossing In The Town Of Zemamra: 1.working And Sanitation Installation.3.public Lighting. MoroccoInfrastructure and constructionTender
Plumbing Maintenance Within Port Of Mossel Bay South AfricaInfrastructure and constructionTender


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