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Business Opportunities Details

Title Country Sector Type
Procurement License Server Operating System Kemenkeu Ta 2017. IndonesiaInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Purchase Price Of Computer Equipment At The Time. Etc.. ThailandInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Purchase Of It Equipment (laptop) Disposal. SingaporeInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Purchase Of Standalone Online Portal To Track, Monitor And Ensure Etc. SingaporeInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Purchase Of The Following Software Licenses1.winsl 10 Sngl Olp Nl Acdmc Legalization Get Genuine 2.winpro 10 Sngl Upgr Olp Nl Acdmc IndiaInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Toner And Selenium Shaft For A Printer KazakhstanInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Procurement, Etc. Subject And Quantity Call Center JapanInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Research Testing Of The Data Management Infrastructure Operating Maintenance Support Services Set About The Operational Environment To The Rabbis JapanInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Foreign Countries People Immigration Information Service Associated With The Equipment Update Of The System Lease A Set Of Such Over Server Equipment JapanInformation Technology (IT), ServicesTender
Quantity Data Maintenance Function Refurbishment Accompanying East Host Update 1 Formula JapanInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Mapping Of Policy And Implementation Of Domestic Trade Permit In The Region IndonesiaInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Acquisition Of Supplies For Technical And Computer Equipment For The Benefit Of The National Promotion Department (single Lot). MoroccoInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Software Maintenance Of The Portal Of The Caisse Marocaine Des Pensions MoroccoInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Works On Installation (installation) Of Doors / Gates / Turnstile Systems / Enclosures And Similar Products. KazakhstanInformation Technology (IT), Infrastructure and constructionTender
Provide Price Of Rent, Use The Computer And Equipment. Loan Origination And Process Systems: Lops For 5 Years By Electronic Means. ThailandInformation Technology (IT)Tender


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