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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Provision of Printing Services SomaliaIndustry, ServicesTender
Procurement of Fishing Gear for Las Korey Fishermen SomaliaIndustryTender
Construction of Balleys and Associated Works SomaliaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Capacity Assessment of Las Anod and Erigavo Hospitals Sool and Sanaag Hospitals SomaliaHealthcare and Medicine, Consultancy, ServicesTender
Rehabilitation and Management of Tuyo - Grazing Reserve SomaliaAgriculture, Food and Beverages, ServicesTender
Construction of Dayaha Secondary Boarding School SomaliaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Procurement of Seeds for Aroori LHG Rangeland Rehabilitation SomaliaAgriculture, Food and BeveragesTender
Procurement of Office Furniture and Equipment SomaliaIndustryTender
Procurement of Road Maintenance Equipment SomaliaTransportationTender
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