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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Supply Of Office Furniture For School Clinics Saudi ArabiaIndustryTender
Supply And Installation Of Fire Fighting Network In Riyadh Saudi ArabiaIndustryTender
Expansion Of Sewage Networks At Sakaka - Jouf (phase 7) Saudi ArabiaWater and Sanitation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Development Of Daawah Garden Saudi ArabiaAgriculture, Food and BeveragesTender
Completing Of Cultural Center Phase 1 Saudi ArabiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Supply Of Medications For King Fahed Hospital In Jazan Saudi ArabiaHealthcare and MedicineTender
Supply Of School Clinics And Office Furniture For Al Laith Schools Saudi ArabiaIndustryTender
Supply Of Computer Cart For Nursery Use, In Order To Activate The E-file At King Fahed Hospital Departments Saudi ArabiaInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Providing Magic Touch Icewares Ice Buckets Blue 2.5 L. Saudi ArabiaIndustryTender
Maintenance Of Sidewalks And Tiles In The City Of Samtah And Villages. Saudi ArabiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Maintenance Of Squares And Fields. Saudi ArabiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Maintenance Of Lighting Works In The City Of Samta And Its Villages. Saudi ArabiaTransportation, ServicesTender
Maintenance Of Streets And Sidewalks Saudi ArabiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Providing 1 - Gardens And Pedestrian Paths And Playgrounds For Two Months. Saudi ArabiaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Maintenance And Operation Of The Financial And Administrative Systems And Electronic Services. Saudi ArabiaInformation Technology (IT), ServicesTender


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