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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Provision Of Radiation Movies. JordanIndustryTender
Agreement On Stem Cell Separation. JordanHealthcare and MedicineTender
Supply Of Foam Materials For Digging Purposes JordanIndustryTender
Marketing For Jordan Food Week. JordanConsultancy, ServicesTender
Supply Of Ink For Copyprinter Ink For Copyprinter Nashualec Cp 6123, Master For Copyprinter Etc. JordanIndustryTender
Communications Consultant (international Consultant) JordanConsultancyTender
Purchase Of 1600 Tons. JordanIndustryTender
Supply, Installation And Operation Of Lab Equipment And Materials / Faculty Of Science JordanIndustry, laboratory equipment and servicesTender
Supply Of Tiles Wax And Tiles Wax Remover JordanIndustryTender
Establishing The National Center For Preparing National Sport Teams JordanSports and leisure, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Providing Iron, Tempered, Cast Iron And Plain, According To The Disclosure And The Attached Conditions. JordanIndustryTender
Supply Of Swivel Chair With Short Wheels,a Long Wheeled Wheelchair With Wheels,a Chair Without A Wheelchair JordanHealthcare and MedicineTender
Purchase Of Digital Multimeter. JordanEnergy, Power and ElectricalTender
Purchase Of Laboratory Supplies. JordanIndustry, laboratory equipment and servicesTender
Purchase Of Cleaning Materials JordanIndustryTender


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