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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Procurement Of Software For Running The Analytical Processing Device To Be Linked To The Border Management Information System AzerbaijanInformation Technology (IT)Tender
National Expert On International Law And International Cooperation AzerbaijanConsultancy, ServicesTender
Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods AzerbaijanIndustryTender
Provide The Requirement Of Chemical Reagents. AzerbaijanHealthcare and MedicineTender
Purchase Of Printing Materials. AzerbaijanIndustryTender
Providing Requirement Of Drill Bits. AzerbaijanIndustryTender
Procurement Of Scientific Equipment, Devices And Other Means For Scientific Institutions And Organizations Of Anas Lot 2 - Procurement Of Necessary Equipment For Laboratory 1 And 2 Of The Institute Of Biophysics Of Anas,lot 3 - For The Institute Of Soil S AzerbaijanIndustry, laboratory equipment and servicesTender
Conduct Of The Household Behavior And Purpose" Survey AzerbaijanConsultancyTender
Purchase Of Other Machinery, Equipment. AzerbaijanIndustryTender
Purchase Of Special Protective Equipment To Ensure Safe Working Conditions For Workers In Their Farms AzerbaijanIndustryTender
Providing Disinfection And Deratization Works Conducted At Secondary Schools Of Gabala, Oghuz And Sheki Districts. AzerbaijanServicesTender
Purchase Of Professional Shooting Equipment And Related Accessories By Quotes Request Method. I AzerbaijanInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Providing Deratization And Disinfection AzerbaijanServicesTender
Purchase Of Stationery And Economic Goods AzerbaijanIndustryTender
Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods AzerbaijanIndustryTender


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