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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Design Of A Training Plan And Training Support For The Undp Capdel Programme Algeria AlgeriaEducation and TrainingTender
Covering "provision Of Air Tickets" To The Faculty Of Electrical And Computer Engineering AlgeriaConsultancyTender
Supply Of 911 000 Cannelees 158x180x9 Mm Rubber Semelies Intended For The Installation Of A Ferred Track. AlgeriaIndustry, Infrastructure and constructionTender
AlgeriaWater and Sanitation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
AlgeriaInfrastructure and constructionTender
AlgeriaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Building Of The Basement Of A Block At The Cgn / Cheraga Headquarters. AlgeriaServices, Infrastructure and constructionTender
AlgeriaInfrastructure and constructionTender
Supply Of 1,822,000 Elastic Rail Fasteners (blades) For The Vax U31 Nag Transom. AlgeriaIndustryTender
Supply Of 600 Metric Tons Of Robusta Grade Ii Green Coffee. AlgeriaAgriculture, Food and BeveragesTender
Provision Of Instrumentation And Various Services. AlgeriaEnergy, Power and ElectricalTender
Acquisition, Installation And Commissioning Of A Data Center Solution. AlgeriaInformation Technology (IT)Tender
Supply Of: Three (03) Autonomous Welding Groups With Enrobed Electrode AlgeriaIndustryTender
Provision Of Maintenance And Repair Equipment. AlgeriaServicesTender
Supply Of Spare Parts For Safety Valves In Two (02) Batches. Lot 01: Spare Parts For Farris Or Equivalent Valves Lot 02: Spare Parts For Anderson Greenwood Valves Or Equivalent. AlgeriaIndustryTender


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