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 The Islamic Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)
Address : Russia, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Vladikavkaz
Country : All Islamic Countries
Telephone : +7 - 918-8342157
Contact Person : Madina Goutnova
Designation :
Website :
: [email protected]
Description : We are a young ambitious Russian project. Our main goal is to bring exclusive premium water to the markets of Russia and all over the world. Our company owns a piece of land located at an altitude of 2300 m above sea level, on the border with the national park "Alania", with a unique spring of natural glacial water. We have created a brand and started to promote the brand in the Russian market. Pure glacier water sources are rare and superior to common ground water sources. Untouched, uncontaminated and especially pure, this premium glacier water has a total dissolved solids (TDS) of 67 parts per million—naturally!!! Unique organoleptic properties of our water and its unique characteristics put it on the highest level of premium drinking water.
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