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Exhibition | INDUSTRY | February 21-24, 2018 | Iran

Iran AgriShow Tehran

On the occasion of one of the biggest agricultural exhibitions in Middle East, the Iran Agri Show, a large number of farmers, manufacturers and experts meet every year in order to exchange expertise and experience with other countries. Around 380 exhibitors and 61,000 visitors from Iran and abroad are gathered at Teheran Permanent International Fair Ground. Since Iran is one of the Middle East countries with the greatest agricultural potential, companies are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to work towards mechanization and modernization of agriculture by using the latest irrigation systems and machines as well as to increase production and achieve global standards through the effective use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers on a biological basis, a development that is also recognized and promoted by government authorities. The Iran Agri Show offers an optimal platform to achieve these goals. In addition to the presentation at the booths, the event offers consulting services in financial and logistical matters.

The Iran AgriShow will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 21. February to Saturday, 24. February 2018 in Tehran.